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Styling is what brings a function to life – be it traditional, vintage, modern, classical, quirky or a specific theme. If it’s the ideas and inspiration you’re after or full event styling, big or small ‘One Lovely Day’ can create it. Birthdays, weddings, promotional launches, corporate soirées, dinner parties, interiors, engagements, anniversaries and any other portion of life that needs a jolly good dolling up … it’s what we love … if it’s worth celebrating, it’s worth styling.

Here at “One Lovely Day” we have a great team behind us. We can sort everything if that’s your cup of tea: from florals to invites, from ambiance to furniture. Or if you prefer we can just help you add a little something special.

We love a good challenge and creating the unexpected, all that’s left for you to do is arrive and enjoy x

Bring us your dream and we will help you set the stage.

About Us

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